Tom Kyrk with Maggie on Big Rig Banter

Tom Kyrk joins Big Rig Banter with your host Maggie O. to talk about Truckers Christmas GroupOrg and how you can nominate a family in need as well as support their efforts. A special thanks to Maggie TrackFive media and

RedEye Radio interview 12/09/2015

Once again our great friends at RedEyeRadio were kind enough to feature us on there show.  If you missed it and would like to listen in here is a link to the show. Listen to the interview here

Truckers helping truckers this Christmas season

read the story here on WICHITA, Kan. – After a hiatus last year, the Truckers Christmas Group is back for its seventh season, raising money to help trucking families in need in Canada and the U.S. – and they

Greg Being Interviewed on RedEye Radio

Here is a link to Greg being interviewed on RedEye Radio a few Christmas’s ago.  He is chatting with host Eric Harley.  RedEye Radio has been one of our great supporters over the years.

Johnny Five Fights Back (One of the first drivers we helped)

ORANGEVILLE, Ont. – John Van Lubeek is fighting a monster of a disease – and he’s winning. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig Disease, is a progressively degenerative disorder that affects control of voluntary movements. It disables the neurons relaying signals from the brain to the muscles, and strikes six out of 100,000 people. “How come my luck doesn’t work like that in a lottery?” quips the 51-year-old driver on the phone from his home in Orangeville, Ont.

A Call From The North Pole

Two, four and nine. Those are the ages of three kids in one of the trucking families who would have had little under the tree if not for a surprise gift of $700. The cash came from an unlikely benefactor.

Calling themselves the “Christmas group,” a small troop of volunteer truckers raise money for other truckers in need.

JIT – for Christmas

The Trucker Charity Christmas Group met via conference call Thursday night, after weeks of working out the details of the 2012 fundraising. More than $9,500 was distributed to 19 selected families just in time for Christmas.