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One of the many happy families helped by the Truckers Christmas Group
Over the last 16 seasons we have helped 273 trucking families with over $172,000
   We are excited to announce that we are now gearing up for our
2024 fundraising drive.
The Truckers Christmas group began in 2008 by Truckers who wanted to help Truckers and their families that have fallen on bad times, have a better Christmas.
 The core group of founders and many long term volunteers are all involved in this venture and want this to be the best year yet. Everybody involved in this group is a volunteer and receives no remuneration for their work with the TruckersChristmasGroup.  All monies raised go towards the families and minimal operating expenditures.
Thanks to YOUR help the Christmas Group has raised $172,000  and helped 273 Trucking Families in Need over the last 15 years and we would love to help even more this year.
You can help us help others by checking out our TruckersChristmasGroup Christmas Store where you can shop for all sorts of deals on amazing products that have been donated by our sponsors. All proceeds raised in the store go to the Christmas fund.
On October 1st 2024 we will start accepting nominations for trucking families in need until December 17th, 2024. Applicants must be truck drivers to qualify for assistance and must also have a valid Paypal account. We will be dispersing funds on Dec 19th to qualifying families just in time for Christmas. Check back here soon for more information and be sure to visit and like our Facebook page.
If you are interested in volunteering for TCGO please click the following link:
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