Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are the lifeblood of TCGO. Without their support, we would not be able to help trucking families in need. To quote long-time member Idella Hansen “Once you have volunteered and heard the stories of the families in need, and heard their responses to being awarded assistance you will be hooked”

TCGO has four main areas in which you can help. If you have other skills or services that you would be willing to donate please contact Idella Hansen our volunteer coordinator

Vetting committee:

Will meet via conference call several times a week once the nomination period has opened. They will review applications and participate in interviewing the person who has made the nomination, as well as the family nominated. The interview will be recorded and transcribed, with the committee’s comments. The general membership will review these materials on the secure website before the final vote.
The number of meetings will depend on the number of nominations and how long the interviews take. They will also participate in the anonymous voting process for whom receives the awards.

Voting Volunteer (General Membership):

This is open to drivers and those in the trucking community. They will participate in several organizational calls during the Christmas Season.
They will also review the application, interviews, and vetting committee comments, then vote on the recipients via anonymous voting on our secure website.

Social Media Volunteer:

Will share posts about TCGO, the need for applications and donations, help promote the online store. As well as informing people on their social media platforms as to when and where they will be able to hear interviews about TCGO. If they receive questions or comments they can then refer them to the appropriate TCGO media contact.

Store Volunteer:

Will help procure merchandise for the TCGO online Christmas store as well as to help promote the existence of the store. TCGO will provide the relevant information to be presented to potential donors. As well as the shipping information to the designated TCGO rep who will handle storing and shipping the product.