OPS Eco-Pur Starter Set Includes: Install Kit, (2) 10″ Filters, (2) Oil Analysis Kits (2) UPS Mailers


OPS Eco-Pur Starter Set Includes: Install Kit, (2) 10″ Filters, (2) Oil Analysis Kits (2) UPS Mailers


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We are thrilled to announce that Pittsburgh Power has acquired OPS – Oil Purification Systems 


  We are selling these at a discounted price and proceeds go to help our families in need.   Be sure and visit the OPS1 website for more information on the product and to purchase supplies.

OPS Benefit

OPS’ technology goes beyond traditional fluid cleaning systems by effectively removing both solid and liquid contaminants. The OPS family of fluid cleaning products virtually eliminates the need for routine maintenance, enabling users to dramatically cut maintenance costs by 80 percent, extend equipment life and significantly reduce their environmental impact.

  • Clean Oil = Extended Engine Life
  • Extended Oil Drains save $$$
  • EcoPur System Keeps Oil Clean & Extends Oil Drains



Maintaining your equipment is a significant expense for your organization. But reducing your oil costs doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. The Eco-Pur™ system is a patent pending technology, easy to install, onboard fluid cleaning system that continuously removes both the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, allowing your engine to run with clean oil 100 percent of the time. The Eco-Pur™ is the first and only supplemental filtration system to utilize state of the art electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process to remove contaminates from the lubricating oil of an operating engine. This process includes high efficiency filtration, a patented evaporation process, and electronic controls to optimize and maintain the cleaning process.


OPS is the only company with the technology to allow flexible product configurations based on the operating and contamination profile of your equipment. Your OPS representative will work with you to understand your business and operational requirements. Based on this collaborative effort a customized plan will be developed just for you. Your plan will include:

  • Review of your current preventive maintenance practices and your desired goals
  • Comprehensive return on investment analysis to determine all your savings, both hard dollar and environmental benefits
  • Establish the specific filter size to meet your objectives
  • Creation of a lube sampling and analysis program designed to allow you to:
  • Safely extend oil drain intervals
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing filtration performance
  • Minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures
  • Migrate to a truly condition based oil maintenance program
  • Regular reviews to ensure benefit realization


The OPS Eco-Pur™ has undergone rigorous design standards and extensive laboratory and field testing to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. In development and testing for over 12 months the Eco-Pur™ already has millions of miles and thousands of hours of proven performance. This coupled with extensive third party environmental testing is representative of the OPS commitment to always deliver an exceptional customer experience.


High-Tech Head Unit

 State of the art electronic controls continuously optimize the cleaning process to remove contaminates. 

World Class Filter

The Synthetic Micro Glass filter will filter the oil down to 3 micron. The filter is  94% efficient and 33% of water is removed per pass.

Quality Fittings & Lines

 Long lasting and corrosion resistant fittings are paired with high density lines made to last. 


OPS Eco-Pur Starter Set Includes: Install Kit, (2) 10″ Filters, (2) Oil Analysis Kits (2) UPS Mailers