Custom “Magnus the Therapy Dog” Picture Frames Only available here

Custom “Magnus the Therapy Dog” Picture Frames Only available here



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for donating these one of a kind picture frames & stickers      only available from us here at TCGO
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Magnus is a 5-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever. He was originally bred and raised to become a service dog for the blind, but like many people, Magnus had a career change. His owner Brian Benson claims that he adopted Magnus as a family pet. However, Magnus soon showed his empathy and compassion for others. Magnus demonstrated that it was he who adopted Brian as his pet. Magnus was destined for something more. Something bigger, something much better.

Magnus and Brian then trained to become a pet therapy team. As a pet therapy team, Brian & Magnus visit hospitals to comfort terminally ill children and adults. They visit with their grieving families and the overworked hospital staff who care for these patients. They also work extensively with children who have severe learning disabilities and emotional disorders.

However, in 2020 the pandemic changes their ability to go out and help others. Magnus still wanted to bring positivity and joy to others, so he entered the world of social media. With the help of brian and his daughters, he has become a celebrity in doing short videos to make people smile and laugh and news appearances and even starring in a commercial.

In 2021 Magus decided to expand his abilities even more and entered the world of fine arts. After posting the video of him painting a picture frame that obtained close to 300k views on YouTube. Magnus realized he could help others by creating art (and eating peanut butter).

Santa reached out. When Magnus heard the struggles that drivers and their families have been dealing with over the last 2 years. He felt that he could play a small part in bringing smiles and hope to them for Christmas.

TCGO is proud to partner with Magnus “VanDawg” Benson to help trucking families in need this year.

Magnus has created 8 1 of a kind picture frames that he has donated to TCGO to be sold. These frames are crafted by Magnus and come with your very own Magnus the Therapy Dog sticker. Be the first to get your very own art paw (or tongue crafted) by Magnus. This is the first artwork to be offered to Magnus and his family to the public. These frames make the pawwfect gift for fans of Magnus, art lovers, and those who just love dogs.    All proceeds go to help trucking families in need.


Custom “Magnus the Therapy Dog” Picture Frames Only available here

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