The new RoadKing Hands Free CB


The new RoadKing Hands Free CB


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The new RoadKing Hands Free CB 

The first CB radio to provide a seamless transition between the CB radio, smartphone, and Bluetooth(r) headset with one touch. Pushing the multi-function button on the Bluetooth headset allows the user to switch between a conversation on the CB radio to an incoming call and talk hands-free. Making for an effortless transition between a CB conversation and an incoming call.

It’s ready to go right out of the box. It includes the best-in-class RoadKing CB Radio, the RoadKing 940 noise-canceling Bluetooth headset, which is already paired to the radio, a dynamic 4-pin handheld CB microphone, and an optional push-to-talk button.

This industry-first CB radio system also features a 7-color display, NOAA weather alerts, PA function, and talkback.

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The new RoadKing Hands Free CB