OOIDA Christmas Special Package 1 year membership/Diecast OOIDA Truck/OOIDA Tumbler


OOIDA Christmas Special Package 1 year membership/Diecast OOIDA Truck/OOIDA Tumbler


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The great folks at OOIDA have donated 5 one year membership packages to our Christmas Fund.  Get yours now while they last.  All proceeds will go to one of our trucking families in need.


In addition to its strong representation for the industry, OOIDA advances the interests of its members by developing membership services and programs that provide big fleet purchasing power to the independent professional trucker. These business services and programs are designed specifically for you, your family and your business.

Regardless of whether you are an owner-operator with your own authority or leased, or a company driver, there are programs that you can take advantage of to add value to your OOIDA membership.

When you participate in member services, income above actual cost of providing and administering those programs goes toward better enabling the Association to represent your concerns before legislatures, government agencies, and in the courts.

1970’s model Freightliner cabover sporting the original OOIDA logo. 1/64 scale by First Gear.

24oz insulated tumbler with a lid and drawstring bag. This tumbler commemorates OOIDA’s 45th year “Defending the Rights of All Truckers.”

Good for hot and cold beverages.


The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is the international trade association representing the interests of independent owner-operators and professional drivers on all issues that affect truckers. The over 150,000 members of OOIDA are men and women in all 50 states and Canada who collectively own and/or operate more than 240,000 individual heavy-duty trucks and small truck fleets.


The mission of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc. is to serve owner-operators, small fleets and professional truckers; to work for a business climate where truckers are treated equally and fairly; to promote highway safety and responsibility among all highway users; and to promote a better business climate and efficiency for all truck operators.


Since 1973, the Association has actively advocated the views of professional truckers through its interaction with state, provincial and federal government agencies, legislatures, the courts, other associations, and private businesses to advance an equitable environment for commercial drivers. OOIDA is active in all aspects of highway safety and transportation policy, and represents the positions of professional truckers on numerous committees and in various forums on the local, state, provincial, national and international levels. The Association participates in virtually every significant rulemaking affecting professional truckers, testifies at all major hearings on trucking issues, and participates in industry-wide organizations and conferences.


OOIDA was formed as a result of global trade and economic issues in the early 1970s. The Arab oil embargoes literally shut down the trucking industry and nearly crippled the nation.  The association’s founding members (which included OOIDA’s president, Jim Johnston) traveled to Washington, DC to present the problems of the trucking industry before lawmakers.  Fuel availability and pricing topped the list.

After a few weeks and many long meetings, the group left Washington very frustrated but none the less enlightened on what would need to be done. They understood that to accomplish anything in our nation’s capital, they would need to be better informed, funded and unified. In 1975, Jim Johnston was elected as president of the association, a position he jokes about by saying there wasn’t much competition because it involved “a lot of hard work, frustration and not much pay!” The first headquarters was located in the parking lot of a truck stop in Grain Valley, Mo. along Interstate 70, in a trailer chained to a light pole.


Our national headquarters is still located on the outskirts of Kansas City, but now in Grain Valley, Mo.

All OOIDA officers and directors are now or have been professional truckers, and are elected from the membership, by the membership. The 21-member board defines OOIDA’s position on all major trucking issues.

OOIDA has a fully staffed Government Affairs office in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to helping small business truckers and professional drivers participate in the legislative and regulatory process and to tell their story to lawmakers. OOIDA’s Government Affairs office maintains an active grassroots advocacy effort that alerts members whenever legislative or regulatory developments necessitate a call for action. Visit www.fightingfortruckers.com to find out more.


OOIDA publishes Land Line Magazine, the trade publication dedicated to keeping professional truckers informed of current legislation, trucking regulations, new products and services, and common interests.

OOIDA also produces Land Line Now for Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s The Road Dog on Sirius XM Channel 106. Land Line Now is the first daily news and information program specifically designed for the trucking industry.

Through its subsidiary, Owner-Operator Services, the Association offers a wide variety of benefit programs to help members reduce costs, and operate more safely and efficiently.

OOIDA Christmas Special Package 1 year membership/Diecast OOIDA Truck/OOIDA Tumbler