Press Release: Nominations Open Early for the 13th Annual Truckers Christmas Group Holiday Fundraising Campaign 

Nominations Open Early for the 13th Annual Truckers Christmas Group Holiday Fundraising Campaign 

Founded in 2008, the nonprofit has helped more than 180 families with more than $100,000 raised 

September 10th, 2020, Park City, Kan. – The Truckers Christmas Group (TCGO), an organization that raises funds to help professional CDL drivers and their families in the United States and Canada, announces its 13t h annual holiday fundraising campaign. 

Created in 2008, TCGO supports CDL drivers and their families during the holiday season by raising funds requested through aid applications and nominations. The 2018 Christmas season delivered $8,000 to 16 families. 2019 shattered the previous year record, assisting 29 families with $500 each, totaling $14,500 in distributed non-restricted grants. Since its inception, TCGO has distributed more than $105,000 and helped 183 trucking families ease the financial burdens associated with the holiday season. 

The TCGO board was viewing 2020 with concern even before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to numbers from Broughton Capital, close to 800 trucking companies went bankrupt in the first three quarters of 2019, leaving more than 3,000 drivers without jobs. Compounding this issue was the surprise closure of Celadon. It’s related companies in December 2019 ended up being a year with a tremendous impact on the trucking industry and its drivers.

As a result of COVID-19, several large companies filed for bankruptcy this year, affecting close to 5,000 employees. These companies have not entirely shuttered operations, but TCGO is observing to see the impact on their drivers and the industry. The pandemic also reduced freight for many companies, which directly impacts driver income as most drivers are paid by the load via percentage, per miles, or a flat rate. 

TCGO anticipates another record year of applications and seeks donations to help provide aid for families in need — not just from unemployment — but also from illness and other catastrophic events that can make the holiday season more stressful. Based on history, TCGO has found that many of our applicants aren’t just affected by one issue, but by multiple unforeseen circumstances that create financial distress. 

“During the first half of 2020, we were already fielding inquiries as to ways we could help drivers and their families as a result of COVID-19. Interest in volunteering is also up from last year. We foresee an increased need for both volunteers and donations to be able to handle the anticipated demand,” said Mark Abraham, president of TCGO. “2020 has been incredibly difficult for the drivers in our community. The impact of COVID-19 after a challenging 2019, is causing increasing concerns in the trucking industry. We are closely watching the situation. The donation of goods and funds will help us make sure every driver in our trucking family can support their families during the holiday season.”

TCGO has begun a phased marketing campaign to raise awareness of the charity and its needs. Currently, they are focusing on updating their social media efforts and recruiting volunteers. The focus will soon begin shifting towards education about the nomination process. Nominations will open on the TCGO website starting November 1st and close on December 5th, 2020. Families are notified by TCGO’s very own Santa Claus beginning December 14th, 2020. 

 Along with monetary donations made on the TCGO website, donors can also purchase items donated to the TCGO online Christmas store. While some things are in stock now, volunteers are working to increase inventory by November 1st, when the store is scheduled to go into full swing. Businesses and individuals generously provide items sold in The TCGO Christmas Store, and new items will be listed regularly. People are encouraged to visit TCGO’s website often to see what is new. 

Donors can also give their time by helping TCGO vet candidates, solicit nominations and raise awareness of its mission this season and in years to come. TCGO volunteers also work with existing partners to obtain items for the TCGO online store. New volunteer recruitment has begun on the TCGO Facebook Page and Twitter Account and will continue through early October. 

To nominate a driver and his/her family, visit All nominations are anonymous and open to professional CDL drivers living in the United States and Canada. Businesses and individuals who want to contribute to the Christmas store should contact Mark Abraham, president of TCGO, for additional information. Donors can also visit TCGO on Facebook and Twitter


About Truckers Christmas Group 

Inspired by events in 2008, the Truckers Christmas Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized to raise funds for professional CDL drivers in the United States and Canada. TCGO is committed to helping drivers and their families from the U.S. and Canada to have a more joyous holiday season. TCGO works to provide a ray of hope to truck drivers and their families who may have lost theirs. Sponsors include Kevin and Leesa Rutherford, OOIDA, OBAC, RedEye Radio, Canada Calling, Landline Now, Truth about Trucking, America’s Trucking Network, Marcia Campbell, Marcia Campbell Productions, Overdrive Online, Canadian Trucking Magazine TCGO would also like to thank the donors of products for the TCGO store they include: Let’s Truck, Pittsburgh Power, OPS1, Freedom Air Filters, BrakeSafe, Road Pro Family of Brands, Paul Marhoeffer Music, Bill Weaver Music, Ken Freeman Music, The Stone Creek Four, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks and many more. For more information, visit or TCGO on Facebook and Twitter. 

Media Contact Information

Mark Abraham: President 

Email:   (ph) 802-455-TCGO (8246) 

Greg Manchester: Vice-president

 Email: (ph): 416-275-1595 

Tom Kyrk: Director of Media and Public Relations, Board Member 

Email: (ph): 802-393-8246

Press Release: Nominations Open Early for the 13th Annual Truckers Christmas Group Holiday Fundraising Campaign